Colorado Springs put out a warning to residents of a scammer posing as Colorado Springs Utility offering free solar energy. The scammer placed calls advertising free solar panels. Unfortunately, scams in the solar industry are becoming more common. Before signing any contract be sure to check with your local utility and make sure it is real. Make Solar Safe will continue updating consumers on discovered solar scams.

Colorado Springs Utilities warns about solar panel scam 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – “We had a few reports last week of phone calls being made with someone posing as Colorado Springs Utilities offering free solar energy … which those were not legitimate calls.”

As Ellen Thommensen explained, Colorado Springs Utilities sent out an alert about a new scam after getting several calls from concerned residents about the “program.”

Phil Brodhagen, Peak View Solar’s owner said he has seen several scams surrounding solar panels.

He’s got some advice for anyone questioning an offer from a solar company.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is,” Brodhagen said.

He told 11 News several companies offer “free” solar panels, which are actually zero money down up front solar panels, but buyers still pay a lot more than they expect.

“You will see that advertised all the time,” Brodhagen explained.

Colorado Springs Utilities suggested if anyone had any questions about solar purchases or scams such as this one, you can find answers at

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