April 5th Update:

Today the Florida House Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed HB 1351 out of committee. This is the next step in passing important consumer protections for solar customers.

Original Post (March 20)

On Tuesday, March 21st, the Florida House Energy & Utilities Committee will hold a hearing on Rep. Ray Rodrigues’ bill, HB 1351, relating to the installation of solar panels. His bill is a major step forward in protecting consumers’ rights from predatory companies seeking to defraud potential customers in the state of Florida. Rep. Rodrigues’ bill also establishes safety, performance and reliability standards for installation of renewable energy devices including solar panels.

This bill shows Florida’s commitment to safe solar and is an example for other states to follow in protecting their citizens in this growing industry. There are many examples across the country of consumers being defrauded by companies that take advantage of solar energy programs and leave the consumer holding the bag.

The bill’s text is available here. Examples of fraud and safety concerns can be found on our Solar Horror Stories page.